We develop strategies for wine brands that want to stand out.

Elevate your brand and achieve your sales goals through customer-centric business and marketing strategies

We help you sell wine. Specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing and go-to-market strategy, we bring life to your brand and drive meaningful results. We do it by rejecting the status quo.

We help you develop new products. We start by identifying a viable target consumer and analyzing the competitive set. Then, we make sure everything is done with the consumer in mind - from the wine style to the packaging to the label - to develop a unique selling point.

We help you elevate your branding. With experience working on significant winery start-up projects, we know how to build a wine brand from the ground up. Whether you are looking for us to take you to opening or to take your brand to the next level, we can help to realize your vision.


Let's Connect.

Find out how we can help by scheduling a 30 minute phone call or video meeting. We look forward to learning more about your business.

You can also reach us directly at info@lithica.wine.

How we can help

Wine Club

  • Retention and acquisition strategies
  • Club benefits and unique selling points

Online Sales

  • Email and digital marketing strategies

Tasting Room

  • Differentiated hospitality experiences
    Hospitality messaging and training


  • Brand proposition and positioning
  • Naming and key messaging

Product Development

  • Develop new SKUs such as icon wines or club exclusives
  • Evaluate product mix, tiering, and pricing

Big Picture

  • Go-to-market strategy
We’re strategists first and foremost. We dream up big ideas and then collaborate with you to bring them to life – whether it’s us, your team, or a third-party partner on the steering wheel.

The Principal

Geoffrey Moss MW

Geoffrey Moss MW

Hi, I'm Geoffrey. I founded Lithica after 10+ years of experience at DTC-focused wineries. My resume includes working for premium brands such as Culmina Family Estate Winery, with Donald Triggs and family, and then as part of the founding team of Phantom Creek Estates, seeing the brand and winery emerge from scratch to full realization. I became a Master of Wine in 2020.

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The Blog

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Wine Marketing

User Journey Management for Wineries

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Product Development

Style Matters

In the pursuit of quality, we’ve forgotten about the importance of wine style.

The Terro(i)r of Sales
Product Development

The Terro(i)r of Sales

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